Forums Added to GeoTrax Packs

Add Your Own Thoughts to GeoTrax Packs

Today (January 12, 2016) I added several forums to the GeoTrax Packs site. I hope that many visitors find occasion to use them.

There is a general discussion forum and more specific places for talking about your favorite GeoTrax sets, any recommendations you care to give, sets and pieces you have for sale or that you want to buy, help and how to information, and discussion about track layouts.

If you have an idea for another forum that you think would be useful, just let me know. I'm open to adding what visitors want and need.

During these early days of the forums' existence, there probably won't be much activity there. That's just the way things work. Don't let that deter you from posting your own thoughts. Eventually a snowball effect should take place that will get everyone involved.

You will be asked to register before posting. You'll just need to create the usual login information. This is simply to prevent mass spamming of the forums.

Let me know if you encounter any problems along the way. Otherwise, enjoy!


Wandering Taxi Finds a Home - At the Airport

Yellow Taxi Found at the Airport

Remember this taxi, that looks like a repainted ambulance?

I had been wondering which set it belongs to. I couldn't find it and couldn't find it....

Then today I looked (with the help of Google) once more and spied it in a European eBay auction. It's part of a Kohl's exclusive set called High Flyin' Airport and Vehicles, set N9989.

I had known of the existence of set N9989 but wasn't sure of its components, other than the airport. I had thought this car was an emergency vehicle, not a taxi.

Now I can sleep at night.


Will GeoTrax Packs Join in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Madness in 2015?

What Can You Expect from GeoTrax Packs on Friday and Monday?

GeoTrax Packs isn't (yet) a huge site with as many visitors as those run by the "big boys", but that doesn't mean I can't join in the fun on Black Friday and Cyber Monday too.

In fact, I'm planning an online deal for you that will start on Friday, continue through Saturday and Sunday, and end on Monday (at the end of the day).

Since this is my first such attempt at attracting more buying customers, it might not be as much of a "door buster" deal as you would see at other retailers with more experience in this kind of thing, but I think you'll consider it worthwhile.

In general, the prices in the GeoTrax Packs Store are already lower than those you'll find at Amazon. You can also find little bits and pieces that it doesn't make sense to sell at a larger site like that.

For example, as one recent customer did, you could put together a long train made of an engine and several cars that aren't normally sold together because they belong to different sets.

Visit GeoTrax Packs anytime this weekend, and you'll discover what the special, limited-time deal is.

Graphics courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net - Iamnee and Stuart Miles


GeoTrax Easter Gift Sets from Target

Easter Gift Sets - My Latest GeoTrax Discovery

Will it never end? Of course it will. It has to, since GeoTrax have been discontinued.

What I'm talking about is the fact that every few weeks or so I discover a new (to me) GeoTrax set that wasn't on my checklist or website yet.

Today it's two Easter Gift Sets from Target.

What's Included in an Easter Gift Set?

Each of the sets has an evergreen tree, a deciduous tree, some curved track, a DVD, and a small push "train" with an accompanying minifig.

Set P6360, which I'm calling Easter Gift Set #1, has 2 large curved elevation rail track pieces. The push vehicle is the first release of Woohoo and Opie.

Set P6361, Easter Gift Set #2, probably has the same track, but I couldn't confirm if there are two pieces or only one. (Can you?) Two would make more sense, since that would give you a complete circle. The push vehicle is Sally with Chatty and Chirpy.

The trees are the same in each set, and I think the DVD is too.

If you have more information about either of these sets, or any others I have yet to find, drop me a line. I'll give you public credit (if you like) for the "discovery".


Like Coupons? Check This Out at GeoTrax Packs

Get 15% Off during November

Are you a coupon clipper? My wife is. We use coupons quite a bit. Most of them are for food at the grocery store or at restaurants.

I have a coupon for you that you don't even need to clip. It's one of those virtual, online types.

If you subscribe to the free GeoTrax Insider newsletter, you can get 15% off all your purchases during the month of November, 2015.

On almost every page at GeoTraxPacks.com, in the right-hand column there is a signup form that only asks for your name and email address. When you sign up, I'll send you the latest edition of the Insider which includes a coupon code that you can use at checkout time in the GeoTrax Packs store.

What Else Is in the Insider?

The contents of the Insider newsletter varies from issue to issue. There may be special offers unavailable elsewhere. I may invite you to participate in a discussion via email. You might get a coupon like the one above. There can be general short articles about GeoTrax sets.

It depends on what I think is important for subscribers to know at the time and what subscribers want to see.

So what would you like to see in the Insider?

How Often Is the Insider Published?

That depends too. You'll probably get a new issue every few weeks. That said, it could be more often at times and less often at others. There's no set schedule. Part of the equation is how busy I am with other tasks that need to get done.

If you think you're getting issues too often or not often enough, drop me a line and let me know what you think. The Insider is there more to help you than me, so I'm more than willing to make it be what you want it to be.


Correction on 2007 Lead Paint Recall

Watch for Red Engine with Yellow Trim

I just discovered that the mostly red and white GeoTrax train engine, part of Special Track Pack set K3013, that was recalled for lead paint violations in 2007 is not quite the one I thought it was.

The recalled engine had yellow trim for the ladders and (what I think are) horns on top of the cab. Those horns may be lights. My apologies to those who know more about them than I.

A similar engine (set H5705) was also produced that has silver paint in those spots instead of the yellow. This engine is just fine.

You can see pictures of each here at GeoTrax Packs.

I wish I hadn't mistakenly thrown away several engines that I thought were the recalled ones. Oh well, live and learn.


Can You Help Identify These GeoTrax Pieces?

Three Mystery GeoTrax Pieces Evade Identification

I have the three GeoTrax items shown above - a fireman dressed mostly in yellow, a fire engine painted mostly white, and an ambulance disguised as a yellow taxi.

I haven't been able to determine which sets these originally belonged to. It's possible that the fireman and the fire engine were both part of the same set. There are no product IDs on either of them. The taxi is labeled L6374 on the bottom which is the identifier for the 2007 set called Ambulance with Stat and Stewart.

Do you own any of these pieces? If so, do you know for sure which sets they were originally part of? Having the original packaging would help a lot. I haven't found a box online that shows any of these.

Here are close-up shots of each of them.

If you have any information on any of these pieces, I would appreciate your letting me know. You can use this Contact Form or the comment section below to get in touch with me. I'll give a free copy of my GeoTrax Compendium and Checklist to the first person(s) who can positively identify each (that is, any one) of them.


UPDATE: After acquiring a total of 3 of the fire engines, I decided to try asking Fisher-Price about them. I'm not sure why I didn't think of this earlier. According to their information, the fire engine and fireman were a bonus that came with the Grand Central Station in 2007. The set was sold as M4686 exclusively at Walmart.

I think I'll ask next about the taxi and will update this if needed.